We aim to provide the country’s best chefs with the country’s finest venison. Our mantra is simple. Every carcass we provide comes with the following:

FULL Provenance – a certificate showing date of shooting, name of stalker, where shot, species, age, and a description of the stalk.

A DEFRA veterinary inspection stamp – CYA !

Delivered by one of our knowledgeable staff in a temperature controlled
vehicle, wrapped “old school” in muslin.

One of us is always available on the phone to discuss your needs.

All of our deer are either from wild, sustainable herds, or from deer reserves and parks where the deer live as wild.

About Huntsham

Huntsham Court and the surrounding estate has been the family seat of the Acland Troyte family since 1760 when William Troyte married the recently divorced Lady Acland. The Court, although there had always been a house on the estate, was built in 1868 and stayed in the family for nearly 100 years.

The estate is currently in the hands of the Cross family and is run by brothers Richard and William.

The Huntsham Shoot has long been an integral asset to the estate and has been a fundamental aspect of village and local life. When combined with the local fishing and hunting it is clear to see that sport is a way of life in this part of Devon!